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Beercandy: Could This Be a Perfect Beer Valentine?

2011 January 21

Beercandy bills itself as “The First Candy for Beer Lovers”. Many of us have enjoyed a bit of chocolate with our beer, but how many of you have tried beercandy?  That is exactly what the Scientific Beer Tasters at USABeerTrends have been tasked with.

The good folks at Beercandy were kind enough to ship us a sampler of their products. It included a piece of each: Lager, IPA, Lambic, and Stout candy. Upon opening the box and taking a whiff, all of the aromas blend together in a chocolaty mix reminding us of the candy aisle the week leading into Valentines.

They make the candy by blending their premium caramel with real craft beers. Each style is then coated with a different complimentary chocolate flavor. The Lager is coated in milk chocolate, the IPA in white chocolate, the Lambic in dark chocolate with pink lines, and the stout in strong, dark chocolate.

First up, the Lager. Uh, yum! While the beer flavor is not up front, you can tell it’s there. This is a smooth caramelly, butterscotchy candy. Again, our unsophisticated pallets don’t find the beer flavor too forward, but there is a subtle maltiness and hop bitterness on the finish. Or, as one of out tasters said to begin with, “Yum”.

Now, the IPA.  This one is a little more forward with the beer flavor. On first bite, we got the creamy sweetness of the white chocolate. But, as the candy worked it’s way back to our bitterness receptors, bang. IPA. Breathing out through the nose while chewing increased the sensation. It finished with dry hoppy notes. And when we burp, it’s a beer burp. Excellent!

Ah, the Lambic. Hello raspberries! Creamy, fruity, tart chocolate goodness. ’nuff said.

And we finished with the stout. Strong dark chocolate hits first, followed by roasty, caramelly, hoppy flavors. Rich, but not heavy. Not our favorite, but good none the less.

Our Sampler

In our sampling, we cut slices of each piece of candy and took them through an abbreviated  Siebel-style tasting.

The “drive by”, where we pass the candy under the nose and get a whiff. Then three short sniffs to sort out the different elements in the candy’s bouquet. Then we rolled the candy around the tongue making sure we were getting all of the flavors.

Perhaps we’ll try the remaining pieces with beer. We’re curious as to how our impressions might change.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a unique Valentine’s gift for your beer lover lover, Beercandy would be an excellent choice. You can find out more about, and order, Beercandy HERE.


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  1. January 22, 2011

    Beer is going to be soo big in 2011. We’re already seeing the rise of beer sommeliers (the new gods of beer).
    Beer candy is just the beginning!

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