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Kermit the Hop is Back!

2014 July 22
by USABeerTrends

From our friends at Bison:

Bison releases 2nd batch of its award-winning Double IPA!


BERKELEY, Calif. (July 22, 2014)––It might come as a surprise, but Bison’s brewmaster Daniel Del Grande didn’t intend to brew his popular Double IPA, Kermit the Hop, again until next year. But popularity and success have a funny way of shaking things up.

“My original goal was to make Kermit a yearly release––rotating it in and out of my portfolio like a seasonal,” explains Del Grande. “But, my customers wouldn’t let that happen. And our customers are always right––just ask my sales team.”

“I get calls about Kermit the Hop every day,” notes Mark Cabrera, Bison’s Sales Manager. “And for good reason. It’s one of the best beers we’ve ever brewed.”

Bison’s Double IPA currently boasts an overall score of 97 (out of 100) on the popular beer rating website––making it the highest ranked beer in Bison’s portfolio. And if beer geek love wasn’t enough, Kermit the Hop just took home a bronze medal in the IPA category at the California State Fair––the most popular category this year with 178 entries total.

“I was extremely humbled and honored to take home bronze for Kermit the Hop,” beams Del Grande. “California is home to the best IPAs in the world. Winning this medal was almost like winning the World Beer Cup.”

With over three pounds of Simcoe hops per barrel, Kermit the Hop is bright, citrusy and tongue-tingly bitter. It is an excellent match for spicy foods, strong cheeses, and anything fried.

The fresh batch of Kermit the Hop will begin to ship up and down the West Coast and to a handful of other states around the country this week. For information on where to buy Kermit the Hop, or send a message to Bison on Twitter @bisonbrew.


Sun King 2nd Annual CANvitational

2014 July 22
by USABeerTrends

From our friends at Sun King:


Indianapolis, Ind. (July 22, 2014) - In 2009, Sun King Brewery brought Indianapolis local beer for the first time since the Indianapolis Brewing Company closed its doors in 1948.  Sun King will host the 2nd CANvitational canned craft beer festival, Saturday, Sept. 20 on the west block of Georgia Street, located in downtown Indy.


The Sun King CANvitational will bring over 40 craft breweries representing 23 states and international breweries to Georgia Street and Pan Am Plaza from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. (EST). Tickets, available online at, are $60 for general admission day of the event and $75 for early entry.  Sun King is running a $40 ticket special for advanced general admission ticket purchased online before August 31st. Event proceeds to benefit the Arts Council of Indianapolis.


The invited breweries were selected because of the quality of craft beer they are producing and, as the name of the event suggests, the festival will feature breweries that can their beers. Since craft beer’s inception in the 1980s, bottles have been the most commonly associated with craft beer. However, over the last decade the breweries featured at the CANvitational have been led a revival of craft canning and helped change the way people view cans.


New to this year’s festival, the CAN’d ART show on Friday, Sept. 19th located in the Indianapolis Arts Garden.  A celebration of the CANvitational’s partnership with the Indianapolis Arts Council and the unique art that adorns the cans we love. Local artists have selected a variety of cans from participating breweries attending the 2014 CANvitational and transformed them into reinvented pieces of art. Join participating brewers and artists in a reception where art and craft (beer that is) collide.  Event tickets include complimentary appetizers and FRESH•LOCAL•BEER will be available. Tickets are very limited.


“We believe that cans are the best way to package beer and breweries from across the country, including a great number of highly respected and established breweries, have help affirm that idea by choosing to can their beer.” Said Sun King Co-Founder Clay Robinson. “Cans keep beer safe from two of beers greatest enemies, sunlight and oxygen, in a way that glass bottles can’t. Cans are also more environmentally friendly to make, transport and recycle, which is why so many breweries are currently making the choice to can.”


In addition to great, canned craft beer, attendees will have plenty of food options for purchase from food trucks that will line Georgia Street. Music will be provided throughout the event by DJ Helicon and DJ Action Jackson.


“We have invited our friends from across the country who share our passion for crafting world class beers and we are excited to showcase what they do and why we can.” Robinson added. “The most exciting part is that the majority of the beers available at the CANvitational aren’t even available in Indiana, which gives us the opportunity to provide a truly unique experience!”

Fifty Niner, a Golden Ale Rush

2014 July 7
by USABeerTrends

From Amanda at Odell:


Odell Brewing introduces Brett Golden Ale 

Fort Collins, CO – On July 11, 12, & 13, Odell Brewing will celebrate the release of its latest Cellar Series beer, Fifty Niner. Named for the Colorado gold rush of 1859, Fifty Niner is lustrous golden ale conditioned with Brettanomyces, a yeast as wild as the new frontier.

“This is a complex and fun beer,” Odell Brewing’s QA/QC manager Eli Kolodny said. “It’s a golden ale brewed with Belgian Candi sugar and fermented with our house ale strain. The first hundred barrels were conditioned in a stainless fermentor that had staves hung in it. Suspending the staves directly in the fermentor allowed for a much faster extraction of the wood character, while maintaining the quality of the finished beer.”

Odell Brewing selected oak staves with a light to medium toast, giving the beer hints of vanilla, almond, graham cracker and wafer. The initial batch was aged for more than a month and then blended with a fresh batch just before packaging. The beer was then keg and bottle conditioned with 100% Brettanomyces, specifically a wild strain that Odell Brewing grew up in their lab. The Brett adds a subtle fruity and slightly phenolic characteristic to the beer, dramatically changing the overall profile by adding balance to the woody aromas. It is crisp, refreshing, creamy, yet still deceivingly robust. Fifty Niner was aged in-house for 8 weeks and is ready to consume upon release, but it will also continue to evolve over time and is suggested to be enjoyed within one year.

Odell Brewing will celebrate the release of Fifty Niner in the Tap Room on July 11, 12, and 13 (note the brewery will close early at 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 12). Guests can enjoy samples of the beer, local food truck fare, and live music by Purr Gato on Sunday from 3:30 -5:30 p.m. Fifty Niner will be available in 750 ml, cork & cage finished bottles throughout the brewery’s 11 state distribution footprint.

Odell Brewing Makes New Footprint

2014 April 16

Brewery announces the return of Footprint RegionAle, with new Texas ingredient


Fort Collins, CO – On April 19th, Odell Brewing will celebrate the return of Footprint RegionAle, its latest Cellar Series release beer made with ingredients sourced from each state in the brewery’s distribution footprint.

“We added a new state to our footprint this year, so we had to add a new ingredient,” said pilot brewing and barrel aging manager, Brent Cordle. “Texas grapefruit was a scrumptious addition to this year’s beer.”

First brewed in 2012, Footprint is a complex medley of regional flavors from each of the eleven states in which Odell Brewing distributes blended together to make one unique harmonious beer. The indigenous ingredients include hops and barley from Colorado and Idaho, Arizona prickly pear juice, wheat from Kansas and Wyoming, Minnesota wild rice, Nebraska corn, New Mexico green chiles, South Dakota honey, oak staves from Missouri, and new this year, Texas grapefruit. The final blend boasts a floral citrus nose with bright grapefruit up front on the pallet and just a hint of green chile and fruit from the prickly pear in the finish.

Odell Brewing will celebrate the release of Footprint in the tap room on Saturday, April 19th. Guests can enjoy samples of the beer paired with local food truck fare, as well as live music by Tallgrass from 4-6pm. Footprint RegionAle will be available in 750 ml cork and caged finished bottles throughout the brewery’s eleven state distribution footprint.

Deep River Brewing Company Goes With Cans

2014 April 12
by USABeerTrends

Clayton, North Carolina’s Deep River Brewing Company recently announced they would begin canning their year-round beers, as well as some of their seasonal offerings. The first three beers lucky North Carolinians will see on the shelves are Backcountry Black IPA, Twisted River Wit and Riverbank Rye-It.





Bacon & Beer Fest is coming to Jack London Square March 9

2014 February 25
by USABeerTrends

From our friends at Bison Brewing:

It’s your turn, Oakland.

Bacon & Beer Fest is coming to Jack London Square March 9


Bacon and beer lovers rejoice! The premier foodie event of the year returns to the Market Building in Jack London Square, Oakland! Benefiting Oakland Grown, the Bacon and Beer Festival is a day to celebrate two amazing comestibles; bacon and beer. The festival will take place on Sunday, March 9th from 2:30-5pm.

For a mere $40, you can enjoy unlimited tasters of amazing beers and delectable bacon dishes from some of the areas best breweries and restaurants. Tickets can be found here.

Last year, Bison was able to raise $9,102 for one of our favorite local charities, Sprouts Cooking Club. The money was used to fund three different scholarships for aspiring young chefs in the Bay Area. This year, our goal is to raise twice as much money, if not more, for Oakland Grown. So come on out, support a great cause and join us for this sure-to-be-epic culinary experience!


2014 February 24
by USABeerTrends

From Matt at Breckenridge:


Denver, CO – February 20th, 2014 – Breckenridge Brewery debuted Barleywine Batch #1 at the Vail Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines Festival in January. Batch #1, Breckenridge Brewery’s first barley wine, will be released to the public in a limited run of 22 oz., wax-topped bottles.  Cold conditioned for three months and barrel-aged in fresh American Oak barrels for another six, this beer comes in at 10.1% ABV.  It has an aromatic complexity resembling that of molasses and ripened black cherries, and a robust profile that blends a spectrum of flavors including sweet malts, dark fruits, oak, and esters.

brew-barleywine-batch1On Saturday, March 15th, bottles of Batch #1 will become available for purchase at Breckenridge Brewery’s production brewery in Denver.  Todd Usry, Breckenridge Brewery’s Brewmaster and Director of Brewing Operations, will be at the Batch #1 Bottle Release to mingle with patrons and autograph bottles. Also in attendance will be American Craft Beer Radio remote hosting their show live on ESPN Radio from the Batch #1 Release.

Usry was first inspired to brew a barley wine while at the Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines Festival in Vail.  He reached out to his friend and fellow classmate, Fal Allen, Brewmaster for Anderson Valley Brewing Company.  He and Usry have been friends since their school days at the Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy.  Allen, co-author of Barley Wine: History, Brewing Techniques, Recipes, was instrumental as an adviser with whom Usry conferred during the development of Batch #1.  “I wanted to create a classic barley wine,” explains Usry.  “I was seeking an outside perspective and couldn’t think of anyone better than Fal who had a true understanding for what the style is supposed to be.”

Like that of its January birthstone, Barleywine Batch #1 has the appearance of Garnet, with deep reds and dark mahoganies comprising its color.  Sweet caramel malt notes are the first to land the palate, followed by a rich, dark fruit dulcitude and slight tartness that balance well with a pleasant nuance from the fresh oak barrels.  As the flavors set in, there is a subtle spreading warmth attributed to the alcohol.

Barleywine will become an annual release for Breckenridge Brewery.  Each Batch, however, will incorporate a new imaginative twist on the recipe.  It will be unveiled at Big Beers, Belgians, and Barleywines year after year, followed by a limited bottle release at the brewery with availability in select markets.

In Case You Missed It, Odell is Coming to Texas

2014 February 24
by USABeerTrends

From Amanda at Odell:


Brewery celebrates Texas launch week

Fort Collins, CO – On February 24th, Odell Brewing beers will finally hit Texas taps. Odell Brewing has partnered with Ben E. Keith Company, and will begin their statewide launch with draft the week of February 24th, followed by a package launch the week of March 31st.

“I’m thrilled to introduce our beers to the state of Texas,” said Texas state sales manager, Todd Ewing. “The craft beer scene is already great, and I cannot wait to help it to continue to grow.”

Launching a state the size of Texas would not have been possible prior to the brewery’s recently completed expansion. This will be the first new market for Odell Brewing in over two years. The new brewhouse and additional fermentation vessels will provide the brewery much needed capacity to accommodate the Texas demand. Odell Brewing plans to bring its IPA, 90 Shilling, Seasonal Offerings including St. Lupulin, Four Pack offerings such as Myrcenary, as well as its limited release Cellar Series offerings.

The brewery has a full week of launch events planned all over the state, including a special tapping at Pinthouse Pizza in Austin, which was started by friend and former Odell Brewing brewer Joe Mohrfeld. Joe teamed up with Odell’s head of production, Brendan McGivney, to brew a collaboration beer that they once brewed together at Odell Brewing. “T.A.P. TX” honors that original recipe, but brings it into the culturally relevant Session Ale realm with just as many hops but a slightly lower ABV. “T.A.P. TX” is a very hoppy Session Ale brewed with a blend of hops selected by the pair as well as Colorado grown barley that is hand malted by Branden Aide at his new Austin, TX based micro-maltster, Blacklands Malt.

“It is really exciting to brew Pinthouse Pizza’s first out-of-state collaboration beer with my brewing mentor and friend, especially given the exciting news that Odell will be coming to Texas,” said Joe, “and we will be able to serve not only our collaboration beer, but also the beers they distribute to TX here at Pinthouse Pizza.”

T.A.P. TX will be available exclusively at Pinthouse Pizza beginning February 24th at 7 p.m. Both Brendan and Joe will be on hand to talk about brewing this collaboration beer.

Odell Brewing has over 70 launch week events planned in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and North Texas. For more information and launch week details, please visit or the Odell Brewing Facebook page.

Watch the “Odell Brewing – Deep in the Heart of Texas” video:


Terrapin Beer Co. Carnival de Aniversario

2014 February 11

From our friends at Terrapin:


Box of Belgians

2014 February 10

From our friends at Ithaca Beer Company:

Our brand new collection of Belgian beers


On Thursday this week, we’re launching our latest variety pack filled with a solid collection of Belgian-style and Belgian-inspired beers.  Box of Belgians is a true showcase of the profound talent and creative genius we’ve at Ithaca Beer.
Brewers Andrew, Bill and Mike collaboratively developed a soul-satisfying mix of four Belgian beers that will warm your soul and slake your thirst!  Stop by soon, because this limited edition variety pack will not be around for long!In this collection we bring you:- Fleur de Belgique IPA – brewed with Trappist yeast (7.5% ABV) 

- Hopbloem IPA – brewed with Belgian yeast (8% ABV)

- Laissez Faire – Belgian-Style Tripel (10% ABV)

- Obscurite – Belgian Stout (10.1% ABV)


Join us in the Taproom this Thursday 4:00 – 6:00 PM for special menu pairings, Box of Belgian flights, samples and other surprises!

Box of Belgians will make its way into select markets around the Northeast very soon too!

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